Preparations for tomorrows RISO print class with Oldpress studio. Cant wait to see the final look!


Im going crosseyed .. but I love pattern and lines .. can't help it : )

for Jo

Commissioned to pair with another drawing she bought from me last year .. thanks Jo!

Finnish deko magazine

I just found two of my tea towels were on the cover of beautiful Finnish deko magazine .. and then in the feature article Jälkia maise masse .. along with other stunning fabrics and designs. These were my hand screen printed and stitched pieces .. thank you deko!

Chitty Chitty Bang Gang

Here is the cover design I produced for CCBG new album .. just released!! 
Go here to visit CCBG 


In this issue .. my fireplace drawing in the library!

This summer I worked on 175 illustrations for IKEA .. to celebrating the Royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling. 


 "Kids Love The Untz Untz" by soon to be released! 

Sweden ..

I have been travelling a lot in the last few months with work. 
On one 2 hour train journey I fell in love with the shapes and patterns of the barns and farmland .. so pretty in Skåne!


In Lapland ..

our summer holidays were in Lappland ... it was so beautiful!

IKEA + Tillsammans

I have just finished the illustration work for this AMAZING project in Stockholm.
Celebrating the royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Mr Daniel Westling.
IKEA built their very own Haga castle to show Tillsammans / togetherness 
- design for past, present and future relations.

tropicana ..

I drew this after seeing a friends photos .. she is in the Galapagos Islands

paper chase ..

This is on my wall and I look at it almost every day. 
Today I drew the lines in on the mountains  : )

last ones ..

Thank you to everyone who bought all my white teatowels!!
This is the last of these designs ..